Talks and presentations

Herding LLaMaS: Using LLMs as an OS Module

Aditya K Kamath* and Sujay Yadalam*
(*Authors contributed equally to this work)

Presented at ASPLOS 2023, Wild and Crazy Ideas Session

Sujay and I found ourselves chatting about the future of research one day. It was around this time that an explosion of interest in Large Language Models (LLMs) had started, sparked by the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI. Our discussion inevitably veered towards this topic, and we became curious about how LLMs could revolutionize the field of operating systems. Read more...

GPM: Leveraging Persistent Memory from a GPU

Aditya K Kamath*, Shweta Pandey*, and Arkaprava Basu
(*Authors contributed equally to this work)

Presented at 13th Annual Non-volatile Memories Workshop

This is a workshop presentation of ‘GPM’ published in ASPLOS ‘23. This paper explored how to utilise commercially available NVM on a GPU using real hardware. Through this process we came up with a benchmark suite (GPMBench) consisting of GPU applications that benefit from both GPU parallelism as well as NVM persistence. We also provide a GPU-optimised library (libGPM) that simplifies access to NVM from a GPU. Read more...